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The manufacturer said Sagitar broken rear suspension system

In the quality inspection administration started defect investigation, the quality problem of the FAW - Volkswagen New Jetta has aroused widespread concern. But recently there are owners broke, manufacturers of complaints owner said the new Sagitar fracture caused by external lateral or rear collision. In the face of the FAW - Volkswagen solutions dragged on, more than 200 owners ready to pick up the legal weapons rights

The FAW - Volkswagen New Jetta “ quality gate ” ongoing fermentation.

For new Sagitar non independent rear suspension frequently exposed fracture problems, the FAW - Volkswagen July 22 in the official micro Bo issued a statement called & ldquo; very few cases & rdquo;. And its official statement said: “ the first time in the discovery of the organization of technical experts to conduct a comprehensive diagnosis and evaluation.


However, "investor signs up for" the reporter survey found that, in the event, FAW - Volkswagen suspected by 4S shop manager make concessions to avoid trouble, owners and failing to reach not publicity & ldquo; confidentiality agreement & rdquo; (see the newspaper total No. 324 reports the new Sagitar after suspension breakage frequency hair failing owners being 4S shop manager seal ").

However, in August 14th, a message to let the FAW - Volkswagen's official statement is quite embarrassing. AQSIQ released the same day the news said that for consumers to reflect more of the FAW - Volkswagen New Sagitar rear longitudinal arm fracture, law enforcement and supervision department has recently started to investigate defects.

“ on the quality inspection of the General Administration of investigation, FAW - Volkswagen is very seriously, will actively cooperate with the work of aqsiq.


"Investors" reporter on this issue in August 19th in order to call the consumer identity of the FAW - Volkswagen customer service hotline, customer service representatives so reply.

In addition, the recent part of the owners to "investor signs up for" the reporter reflect, FAW - Volkswagen customer service in the complaints owners pay a return visit, said, new Sagitar in lateral or posterior by external impacts caused by suspension cracking.

FAW - Volkswagen customer service in the return of the owners of a return visit to the unified response is such a statement? How to look at the defects of the AQSIQ investigation? What is the result of the company's technical experts? What evidence can prove “ &rdquo batch problem rear suspension problem is not the design and manufacturing process of Sagitar;?

To verify the above problems, the investor news reporter in August 20th to call the FAW - Volkswagen customer service hotline. According to customer service requirements, the reporter will interview outline sent to the company But as of press time, the investor news reporter has not yet received the FAW - Volkswagen's any reply.

In addition, according to the latest news reporter learned from all over the country more than 200 cars owners want to entrust a lawyer firm, prepared to new Sagitar quality problems to the FAW - Volkswagen rights.