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From the end of "bug" trick: vehicle in the process of wo

Original title: from the end of the &ldquo bug; ” deceptive tricks: vehicle in the process of exaggerating the difficulty of service

“ vehicle? Package! ” “ a licence? Lucky number in the package! ” … …

In Beijing office place of the vehicle, vehicle detection field, old motor vehicle market and the surrounding land, similar to that crying was once common, who dubbed the title to a image & mdash; & mdash; & ldquo; bug & rdquo;. They in the professional workplace placards Lanhuo, help the driver agency procedures, often also by & ldquo; understanding people & rdquo. & ldquo; internal relations & rdquo; allows the driver to obtain additional benefits, many people voluntarily pay support for the business. As everyone knows, these & ldquo; bug & rdquo; in fact stem are swindling and illegal activities, dealing with them is not only possible loss of money, but also easy to leakage of personal information.

& ldquo; bug & rdquo; is a long-standing phenomenon, the traffic control department of Beijing although frequently hit and achieved initial success, the Legal Daily reporter recently in an interview found that catch the & ldquo; Insect & rdquo; easy to in addition to & ldquo; Insect & rdquo; it is difficult to. “ &rdquo bug; is still one of the problems to the Department.

From the end of the &ldquo &rdquo &ldquo inspection; bug; OTC; &rdquo for

& ldquo; bug & rdquo; disturb normal operation of the enterprise order behavior for a long time, the media also not only a time exposure the & ldquo; bug & rdquo; the worst practices of pit households bully shop. However, this behavior has not yet been effectively curbed.

Since the beginning of this year, Beijing Daxing police successively received a public warning, said in the vicinity of Daxing, a car detection field is & ldquo; bug & rdquo; cheat. The police investigation found that the gang guise of vehicle inspection agency, fraud owners high & ldquo; maintenance & rdquo, costs, and in fact any parts of the vehicle are not replaced, gang members did not enter the field testing of a half step.

In defrauding the victim trust, charged 1000 yuan deposit, the victim was taken to a nearby hotel, a person in charge of the rest chatting, contact the feelings to stabilize the victim, people responsible for posing repair plant personnel began to victim vehicle carping, false information of vehicle fault detection, defrauding the maintenance costs, tail gas is not qualified to 300 yuan, had a brake problem to 500 yuan in repeatedly after obtaining money, once the victim was aware of the unusual, then the owner of the car trouble too much to test and other reasons, the ingenious escape. Car owners often do not experience, &ldquo ” repairs; down the loss of a thousand dollars.

Police investigators said, & ldquo; generally speaking, a car by detecting need 120 yuan to 200 yuan, but & lsquo; bug & rsquo; total claims to & lsquo; understanding people & rsquo; & lsquo; internal relations & rsquo; therefore, asking for up to a thousand dollars. Some owners knowing procedures incomplete, poor condition, so the hopes for the annual inspection of put in one of those claiming to be the magic & lsquo; bug & rsquo; on the body. ” in fact, as long as the condition itself is a problem, no matter who to the vehicle, the result is the same. Swindlers often succeed, use is some owners will know how to be lucky, figure backdoor, save psychological, and often deceived the owner of the car also does this or that problem.

Law enforcement officers told reporters, “ the &rdquo bug; deceptive tricks are mainly the following: cheat owners trust to vehicle inspection agency name, inspection process deliberately exaggerated work difficulty, lied to recognize the internal staff, defrauding people of money; to advance for the vehicle to mention outside move, install the license plate, even can handle all types of chariotest pipe business, generation the election auspicious number plate, pin points, take the test in the name of the people approached in the case of incomplete procedures, took the opportunity to cheat money to rent to the masses; three waycatalytic, oxygen sensor, fire extinguisher, parking card, tire and sell labor disassembly modifications, the failure of the vehicle slip by; Sike seal, providing false medical certificates temporary residence permits, and marriage certificates and other national legal documents reap the benefits to the masses.