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Hundreds of new Jetta owners rights lawyer

Legal Evening News (reporter Mao Zhanyu)

"Legal Evening News" reporter learned from the Beijing Capital LLP, 114, the new Jetta owners and the sign agreement on action and collective rights.

In the reporter contacted the 95 owners who are willing to accept the interview, there are a total of 63 cases of vehicle rear suspension longitudinal arm fracture, deformation, rust, crack and so on, accounting for 66%.

Out of concern about the quality of the vehicle, some owners even no longer drive, would rather commute back and forth more than 30 km ride a motorcycle.

Typical case

A small slow pit   new Sagitar broken rear suspension

March 17 this year, Zhang in Shandong Linyi in Shandong Linyi good round of FAW Volkswagen 4S shop flowers 18.4 million yuan to buy a vehicle 1.4T automatic deluxe edition new Jetta car.

But 3 months later, the car ran more than 1200 kilometers, in a time of more than 40 kilometers per hour over a small pit, after the suspension is broken.

Mr. Zhang told the process of “ that is, in the city of Linyi, a provincial highway, road has potholes. Just a small pit, I suddenly felt a flat tire.

; &rdquo

Mr. Zhang called 4S shop staff, the car to the store. At that time, the 4S shop told him that the suspension was broken.

After the consultation process, Mr. Zhang asked 4S shop back car, but was rejected. Under Mr. Zhang angrily, to throw the car to go home in the 4S store.

After that, he and 4S store manager to play 10 to a telephone communication. & ldquo; no, I put forward to change, request to change me a car independent suspension, but the 4S shop insisted, to change only for and I buy the car as the non independent suspension of that section.

; &rdquo

The problem of frequent

Owners complain that some people give up driving to ride a motorcycle

New Jetta car suspension after fracture, not isolated cases.

In May this year, Beijing owners Lee on August last year to buy the new Jetta car, traveling from south to North in Tongzhou Beiguan bridge.

“ see the red light is coming, I think the car is on the brakes to slow down, who began wandering. ” Mr. Li said, he thought he had a flat tire, and quickly ease the brakes, parked on the roadside.

Stop to see, Lee found no tire burst, then continue on the road. & ldquo; at that time in the 10 km per hour forward & lsquo; rub & rsquo; but the rear issued & lsquo; hum & rsquo; sound, slightly a touch on the brakes, the car on the deviation. ” Mr. Lee again. This time he found that the right rear of the car has collapsed.

He immediately called the FAW Volkswagen 4S shop phone. Rescue workers told him that the rear suspension was broken.

April 28, to buy the new Sagitar Xi'an owners Zhang Liang (a pseudonym), on July 21, on the drive back to the village on the road, rear suspension also breaks.

“ although the road is a dirt road, but only a few of the ups and downs of the pit. ” he said, when his speed is only about 20 kilometers per hour, the car came over, the wheel lock.

Stop the car, he found the left rear wheel of the vehicle has obvious back displacement, left rear bumper bayonet are the top open.

Zhangye City in Gansu Province, Mr. Zhang this year with his family from Lhasa to Xigaze trip, just off the winding mountain road, after suspension breakage.

More than the owners now have a lingering fear. Lee said, he now only dare to drive on the car, not long distance. Mr. Zhang Gansu Zhangye said, now cannot but he didn't train. “ I'm going to work more than 30 kilometers from home to work, but I have to ride a motorcycle.

; &rdquo

Over a hundred domestic car owners signed the agreement

According to the China automotive quality network statistics, January 2014 July 1, 2014 to 30, in the number of complaints rankings, FAW Volkswagen Jetta to 893 ranked first. Among them, only from May to July, Sagitar rear suspension reflects the existence of security risks reached 671.

According to media reports, on July 6, at the auto show scene in Shenzhen, Shenzhen, the new Jetta owners spontaneously carried out a collective rights; on July 13, at the auto show in Hefei, Anhui, the new Jetta owners were field activism; July 20, Changchun, the new Jetta owners also organized a human rights activities.

Under this background, the Beijing law firm has issued a statement, said the new Sagitar owners rights to.

The firm told reporters, the lawyer has received 114 owners to the client agreement. In the lawyer's support, the statistics reporters on the 114 owners of the.

In connection to the 95 owners who are willing to accept the interview, there are a total of 63 people in the vehicle rear suspension longitudinal arm fracture, deformation, rust, crack and so on, accounting for 66%.

63 “ problem car ” in the 6 car has occurred after the suspension of the longitudinal arm fracture, respectively, Beijing, Shandong, Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia and other places. 5 of them have been maintained by the 4S store, and the remaining one of the owners of Ningxia is negotiating with the 4S store.